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Choosing The Best Power Resistor For Your Specific Needs

Power resistors are among the most useful parts in any electrical model these days because they are the ones that control the power in order to protect the models from burning. For instance, if you are creating a prototype or an actual electrical installation, you may have to use a special power resistor so that you can create the necessary resistance within the flow of the electric current. Yet most of the people these days don’t know what are the things that they need to consider when looking for the perfect power resistor that they can ever get according to what is needed with the project that they are working with. But when you choose the wrong type of power resistor for your specific needs, you can surely put your prototype at risk because there is a possibility that you will have it burned down. In order to help you determine what is the perfect power resistor to get for your specific needs, this article will provide you with a simple guide in choosing.

The current shunt resistor is one of the most popular types of power resistors these days and it is also one of the most used ones. This type of resistor is so popular because it is widely used for the expanding of the current measurement range which is why it has gained its name. It is also considered as the current sense resistor because it can also be used for detecting circuit current which is why the word “sense” can also be used to refer it. These features make this type of power resistor ideal for portable devices including smartphones and many others. This type of power resistor can also be used in automotive and as a matter of fact, many car manufacturers use this type of resistor.

Another type of power resistor available for you to choose is the wirewound resistor which is usually used to aid in limiting or resisting current in a certain circuit. This type of power resistor is usually composed of a high resistivity wire that is wrapped around a thick insulating core in order to provide the appropriate resistance expected of it. What’s so good about this type of power resistor is that it comes in a variety of types as well. The different types of power resistors include the precision wirewound, the power wirewound, the potentiometer wirewound and many others. What’s so good about this type of power resistor is that there is a custom wirewound resistor that you can adjust and tailor according to your specific needs.

If you wish to learn more about the different types of power resistors for you to choose from, visit this page now for more info.

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