Héllena – Don’t Change (Official Video)

Publicado el 19/05/2012

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Videography: Manos Kountouris, Konstantinos Sidiras, Ashley Shakibai, Orfeas Kalafatis
Music/Lyrics – Helena Micy
Producer – Stereo Mike
Dancers: Sofia Micy, Julian Bulku
Special thanks to Teo K.


I can see you’re trying to turn me into something I am not.
And you wonder why I’m being cold with you now..
’cause you have to accept me as I am…Yes you do you do now!

You’re so cruel but I still love you so much..
You should know you’re tearing me apart but

I’m not changing for you or anybody else
You try n’ break me
But I won’t let you pull my strings
I’m not changing for you or anybody else
So stop preaching ’cause it won’t get you anywhere!


Sometimes you make me feel like I am such a fool
You think you’re right and everything I do is wrong
Things are different now, I’m not the kid I used to be!
I don’t need nobody to keep an eye on me..


Héllena - Don't Change (Official Video)

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